In February 2010, the Civil Engineering and Architecture consultancies CICSA and DOPEC decided to join forces on a international scale under the name of CIDO Consult.
Both headquartered in Barcelona, we will keep on working  independently within the borders of Spain and acting as a joint group abroad. We already opened branch offices in Morocco, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.
CICSA and DOPEC S.L. are specialists in the following areas:

  • Road and Railway Design
  • Water Engineering and Environment
  • Town Planning and Urbanisation
  • Buildings and Structures

With CIDO Consult, CICSA and DOPEC S.L. put together our expertise to serve our customers in projects outside Spain.
CIDO Consult promotes and leads best business management practices through continuous improvement, professional ethics and social engagement.
CIDO Consult is a company firmly engaged with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and strives to contribute to the economic development of society and to the professional development of its employees.